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  1. 1. Our Mission

    About Us > Our Mission

    …(PP, PE, PS) to engineering thermoplastics (PA, ABS, PC, POM) to speciality materials (TPE, PPS, LCP , PA46, PA12, PEI) and a full range of synthetic and natural rubbers Multi-level quality control in proprietary Ravago manufacturing plants Guarantee in serving customer needs Local sales offices…

  2. 2. Automotive Industry

    Industries > Automotive Industry

    …materials such as most talc-filled PP, PA/ABS or ABS products. MAGNUM™ 3416SC and MAGNUM™ 3616 are recognised as the high-heat ABS resins of choice. These market-leading resins enable the production of automotive interior parts that have excellent heat resistance and dimensional…

  3. 3. Polymer Compounding

    Industries > Polymer Compounding

    …following polymers are available: Mablex® PC/ABS compounds – prime as well as industrial quality compounds Sicoflex® ABS compounds – prime as well as industrial quality compounds Sicoklar® PC compounds – prime as well as industrial quality compounds Sicostirolo® PS compounds –…

  4. 4. Electrical & Lighting Industry

    Industries > Electrical & Lighting Industry

    …polycarbonate resins EMERGE™ PC and PC/ABS advanced resins MAGNUM™ ABS resins TYRIL™ SAN resins ALTUGLAS® PMMA (in some countries might not be available through Resinex) CELANEX® PBT flame retardant (in some countries might not be available through Resinex) FRIANYL® PA6 and PA66…

  5. 5. Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry

    Industries > Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry

    …MAGNUM™ Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) MAGNUM™ ABS is produced by unique mass-polymerization bringing many benefits: Excellent white base colour Coloration with reduced masterbatch dosage Low volatile content compared to emulsion ABS Significantly wider processing window vs.…

  6. 6. Ensoft

    Products > Ensoft

    …resistance to many aggressive mediumsLow compression set and good elasticity in a wide temperature rangeAdhesion to a broad range of polar and non-polar substrates such as PP, PA, ABS, PC, PS…Broad product range including soft touch, expandable, high temperature resistant, low…

  7. 7. Velvex

    Products > Velvex

    …materials such as most talc-filled PP, PA/ABS or ABS products. General info VELVEX™ offers an opportunity for premium surfaces, supporting the impression of luxury in vehicle interiors. Until now, the industry has had to choose between unpainted materials that could not offer…

  8. 8. Arnite

    Products > Arnite

    …PBT and PET compounds exhibit very low moisture absorption, making them ideal for parts that require high dimensional accuracy for the life of the part. PBT compounds absorb far less than 0.5% water over a period of several thousand hours in ambient conditions. Long-term properties Polyesters…

  9. 9. Resinex POM

    Products > Resinex POM

    …creep resistance Good wear resistance Low water absorption Typical Resinex POM applications With high strength and good wear/slide properties Resinex POM is suitable for technical parts like: Paint roller cores, gears, clips, dishwasher parts, curtain hooks, zippers, furniture sliding parts,…

  10. 10. Stanyl

    Products > Stanyl

    …water-heated moulds No post-treatment due to the absence of flash No retooling necessary when switching from PA6, PA66 or polyesters Portfolio Stanyl® Portfolio Stanyl® GradesNon-reinforcedGF-reinforced% GF Non-flame retardant (HB or V-2) TW341 TW200F3 15 TW363 TE200F6 30   TW200F6 30  …

Results found: 52 123456 >